All our articles are written by our Modern Mystery School initiate community (currently certified Healers Academy initiates or higher). Each article is based on personal and individual experiences of life after benefitting from the activations and initiations within the Modern Mystery School’s Path of Progression. There is no one right way to experience self-mastery, and we are not intending to endorse any views as being the truth with a capital “T”. What we do hope is that these articles inspire your own personal journey, whether it be with us or wherever your personal journey may lead you.

Healing from PTSD and Anxiety

8 Coping Strategies for PTSD and Anxiety + 3 Ways to Break Free and Thrive!

PTSD and anxiety can be extremely difficult to deal with, with mental, emotional and physical symptoms that can be sudden and debilitating. I have suffered from both. My healing journey began by using some coping strategies get relief from…

Beyond the Labels – A Healing Journey in the Rediscovery of My True Self

Labeling of Who We Are Begins at Birth My given name is Tetana Adkins and I am a God in training, a powerful co-creator Goddess. Sounds quite powerful and unexpected, right?  Believe it or not, I didn’t always think of myself or define…
Radical Self Care - Vila Loukas

3 Ways Radical Self Care Will Change the World

Most people would agree that our world today is in kind of a rough spot. Many would say that they worry about the future and what is going to happen for their kids, grand kids and great grand kids. Whether the fear is about the economy,…
The Journey and The Path - Beth Siragusa

The Journey and The Path

Personal Growth & Healing through Awakening, Evolving, and Expanding The Seeker Awakens “You have been chosen, and you must use such strength and heart and wits as you have.” – J.R.R. Tolkein In my personal experience, I have…
Max Meditation System™ in Seattle and Bellevue

Tool Box Tip: Meditation & Self Care

My personal experience of how meditation heals and empowers my being. What is meditation? Meditation & self-care. These buzz words of our era can be elusive and nebulous. What is meditation? How can it help me? Meditation, in short,…
Rosemary Baker - Gardening

From the Earth as Just Another Pretty Place, to Earthing in Action!

A View of the Earth from a new Vantage Point Alright line them up in your mind and consider this.  There are a lot of pretty places out there on the planet.  Places you have been, locations still on your bucket list.  Perhaps you live…