Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Modern Mystery School is a present-day manifestation of an ancient tradition that has been protected through the ages so it can remain available today. It has become easier for seekers of higher knowledge and advanced spiritual training find us through the Internet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are easy to recognize for what we are. Our ancient origins and empowering practices do not match what can be found elsewhere, even compared with other institutions that call themselves a “mystery school”. We do not operate like typical business or religion, and we are truly neither. We offer a lot of freedom and support for individual expression while maintaining precise adherence to tradition when sharing ancient tools and knowledge at the proper time and in the correct sequence. So, we expect that those meeting us for the first time are likely to have questions.

Please explore the following answers to common questions about the Modern Mystery School. And if your questions are not answered to your satisfaction, please contact us using the email form below. Even better, contact a local initiate who can meet with you in person to explore how our tools and training could help you find your purpose and set you on a path toward thriving in service.

What is the ultimate goal of the Modern Mystery School?

The simple answer: our mission is world peace. How are we doing this? By empowering individuals to know themselves better and discover how they can serve humanity through the discovery and fulfillment of a higher purpose. Each person came to this life with special gifts and a unique perspective, and we offer tools to amplify these into greater service to humanity.

Who should consider becoming an Initiate?

Consider becoming an initiate if you are looking for a diverse and international community of amazing individuals pursuing their own mastery and helping others do the same. If you want to live a life alive, know yourself at a very deep level, and accomplish big things in this life…  If you want to achieve your fullest potential on all levels of your multidimensional existence…  If you want to experience joy and fulfillment while thriving in service to humanity…  If you want to take a greater responsibility for your life and have greater influence over your world…  If you are on a mission of peace, harmony and healing… then consider contacting a local Modern Mystery School certified Guide to discuss your first steps toward stepping up and becoming part of an ancient global movement of Lightworkers.

Do I need to pick one teacher, or can I learn from many?

For those just getting started, we recommend you choose a single Guide or Life Activation Practitioner (LAP) as your primary relationship to the school. This allows someone to know you well and make more informed recommendations as you begin your path of progression. As a community of initiates in the Pacific Northwest, we have agreements with each other to honor your initial contact with the tradition, and we endeavor to support and nurture that relationship as a sacred part of your journey. However, every initiate in our community of leaders has a unique combination of specialties,

As a community of initiates in the Pacific Northwest, we have agreements with each other to honor your initial contact with the tradition; we endeavor to support and nurture this relationship as a sacred part of your journey. However, every initiate in our community of leaders has a unique combination of specialties, skills and certifications with the Lineage tools. This means that it is very likely that, under the guidance of your primary Guide or LAP, you will work with a number of teachers and practitioners as you continue your progression journey.

One of the great opportunities within the Modern Mystery School today is the ability to travel to many locations all over the world for more advanced training in a variety of languages and cultures. As you advance through the first Initiation (Empower Thyself), your next step will likely take you to Toronto, Canada or London, England for Healers Academy and the second Initiation. There you will get exposed to seekers and instructors from all over the world who are working toward a similar life of purpose, empowerment and service to humanity.

What do I need to do before I can be initiated?

There are three prerequisites to becoming an Initiate of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light in the Lineage of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School:

  1. Experience Self-initiation
    Each candidate must have chosen themselves as the primary influencer in their life and have begun a search for higher knowledge and personal empowerment. This is an individual experience – different for each person. Generally, this is something that happens before you would consider searching for higher spiritual training as provided by a Mystery School. So, the fact that you are reading this would be an indication that you have already experienced this part of your awakening.
  2. Acceptance by the Hierarchy of Light
    Since #1 typically happens prior to contact with anyone from the Mystery School, the first action you can take is to contact a Certified Guide and let them know you are interested in initiation. They will discuss with you what the Path of the Initiate looks like, and make sure that what we offer is a good fit for you and for your unique purpose. If accepted, your Guide will enroll you in the Empower Thyself Program, a weekend class that culminates in the Adept initiation.
  3. Recieve the Life Activation
    Before being initiated, each candidate must receive the Life Activation (1.5 hour individual session) from a graduate of the Modern Mystery School’s Healers Academy. It is ideal to work with a Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioner to ensure that your Life Activation session is of the highest quality and is done in alignment with our ancient tradition. If you are already working with a Certified Guide, they can offer you this session prior to your attendance of the Empower Thyself Program.

What is a Life Activation?

Life Activation Wand

Life Activation Wand – Photo courtesy of South Sound Healing Light Center

The Life Activation (aka 22 Strand DNA Activation) is a 1.5 to 2-hour private session you can book with a Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioner. The session begins with a multi-system energy balancing focusing on the chakra system, magnetic energy, etheric energy, elemental energies, etc. This prepares you for the Life Activation itself, which is a fusion of higher vibrational energy into your physical and spiritual DNA, or the blueprints of who you are on all levels of your existence. This higher vibrational energy “lights you up” and aligns you more with your true nature, revealing more of your higher purpose, and acting as a catalyst for personal empowerment. After the Life Activation, your practitioner will offer you a special reading that can only be done after a Life Activation, providing insights and imagery to help guide you on your path to empowerment.

This session comes from a series of healing and empowerment techniques that have been preserved for over 3000 years, handed down from teacher to student since the days of King Salomon the Wise. Salomon dedicated his life to solving the human paradox that we are both mortal and immortal in nature (body and spirit). His healing techniques are centered on the premise that we can live as eternal beings having a physical experience vs. the other way around.

This tool has withstood the test of the ages, working on individuals from all cultures and continents through massive shifts in human consciousness. The specific results from each session vary because you and your potential are unique. If you have further questions, we recommend contacting a Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioner to schedule a consultation.

Who is King Salomon the Wise?

King Salomon the WiseThis system of personal mastery is also known as the Lineage of King Salomon the Wise, a biblical (book of Kings) and historical figure, who lived in Northern Africa over 3000 years ago. Salomon had the notion, which was radical for his day, that all humans (men and women) had the potential and capacity to live their physical life as a spiritual being. Every human being held an essential “key” to our evolution as a species. Another way of saying this is that human beings are each an integral member of a collective of spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Salomon’s mission was to do everything in his power to ensure that humanity could reach its full potential. He collected the wisdom, tools and magick of all nations into a single Universal system of self-mastery, setting in motion the process for sharing this system with future generations. Salomon did not invent this process, though he had a profound impact on how it would continue. He was a major innovator and a global thinker who was ahead of his time, acting as the representative and highest initiate of an even older tradition.

Who started this tradition? When did it start?

Hermes Trismegistus

To find the origins of Salomon’s this lineage and tradition, we need to go further back to another being named Hermes Trismegistus, who walked the earth over 8000 years ago. Tradition says that he was a teacher and philosopher who instructed more primitive humans on the ways of language, agriculture, arts, and government. He planted the seeds of early civilization and was a catalyst for rapid human evolution. Trismegistus is the title he is known by, which translates to mean “Thrice Great” or Three-times Great Hermes. This being was known throughout history by many names including Hermes (Greek), Mercury (Roman), and Thoth (Egyptian).

Is the Modern Mystery School a cult?

The simple answer: no it is not. The Modern Mystery School and the Lineage of Salomon are 100% focused on the empowerment of every individual, meaning our tools and tradition are designed to reveal the true self and each participant’s unique purpose. Even though the process and tools are the same, there are as many ways to walk this pathway to enlightenment as there are people who attempt it. We have no gurus or mandates to worship any particular gods or spirits. We are not a religion, and our tools have been used by people from all faiths (and none) to accelerate their growth and understanding of self. This is why we call this a Universal system, because we do not exclude, but instead celebrate our differences as part of the greater puzzle we can put together when we work together toward a peaceful and purposeful existence.

Members are welcome to participate at whatever level they desire, going only as far into the process as they would like. For those who choose higher levels of initiation and mastery, with greater knowledge and power comes greater responsibility. So more advanced tools and training are reserved for those with a greater commitment, with positions of leadership reserved for those whose lives are examples of self-mastery.

Still have questions?

Send us your questions and we will get back to you shortly.