Air is one of the 5 elements, along with Earth, Water, Fire & Spirit. In the Modern Mystery School, balancing each of these elements is essential to creating and maintaining a healthy thriving body, mind and life. Breath is one way that we can work with the element of Air. Our breath is the movement of life!

It’s pretty easy to understand why we need to remember the element of Air. Daily living is full of pressure, we feel overworked and under-rested. We are constantly under a barrage of rules and societal expectations, not to mention our own mind chatter which can tip over into unhealthy and negative thoughts on “one of those days”.  No wonder we need to slow down and just breathe!

The 3 exercises I’m sharing with you are very simple. You will spend only a few minutes a day doing them and they give pretty incredible results when done consistently. The breath is powerful, and it is the first to become compromised when you are stressed! Your skin will begin to show the signs of stress over time, and going back to the breath is an essential part of rebalancing your skin.

3 Breathing Exercises for Beautiful Skin

Don’t wait until you find your skin – and yourself – stressed out! Use these breathing methods daily to keep stress levels down, oxygenate your blood, nourish your organs, and maintain a healthy body balance.

Morning Bliss Breathing 

When your alarm goes off do this exercise right away before you even open your eyes or get out of bed!

  • Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose and imagine / visualize Light coming into your body through your breath.
  • Breathe out through your mouth, parting your lips gently and sighing the air out.
  • As you breathe slowly and deeply in, and gently out, imagine walking through your day and everything you want to happen.
  • As you breathe, feel the ease of moving through your daily life course through your veins as it rides your breath. Smile to yourself as you breathe, sensing the bliss coming into you.
  • Feel the energy of your bliss riding your breath and filling every part of you. Radiating out until you feel it coming out through the pores of your skin, penetrating and engulfing you in the energy of how blissful your day is going to be.
  • Open your eyes, keep smiling, go forth and live your vision!

Basic Deep Breathing

Set your phone timer for 50 minutes when you sit down to work.

When your timer goes off, do the Deep Breathing exercise.

Deep Breathing Exercise

  • Stand up.
  • Loosen up your body with some light stretching, making sure to open up your chest. Do a few head rolls.
  • Jump up and down a few times to get your blood moving.
  • Now breathe in through your nose, visualizing your breath going into the deepest parts of your lungs.
  • Make sure you keep your feet anchored firmly on the ground.
  • As you breathe in feel your chest and abdomen expanding on all sides. Imagine your lungs as large balloons.
  • As you breathe out through your mouth, imagine you are blowing bubbles and don’t stop until all of the air is released from your lungs.
  • Breathe in again, slowly and deeply.
  • Repeat for 1 – 5 minutes to your comfort level.
  • When you sit down again to get back to work, set another 50 minute timer! Repeat 🙂

This deep breathing exercise not only oxygenates your blood, but it gives your brain a much needed break. Doing this exercise many times during your day will help keep stress to a minimum as well.

Most people breathe from their upper chest, which not only deprives your body of a full dose of oxygen but breathing this way strains the upper chest muscles and contributes to neck strain!

You’ll stay alert longer and leave work less tired! All while making sure your skin is getting the life-giving oxygen it needs for a healthy glow.

Bedtime Relaxation Breathing

A good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for healthy and radiant skin.

  • As you lay down in your bed, imagine you are laying on a cloud.
  • You are safe and relaxed and you can look up and see the stars.
  • As you breathe slowly in, you see the stars get larger and more bright.
  • As you breath slowly out, the stars move farther away and more faint.
  • Each time you breathe in, try to make the stars get as bright and close as you can.
  • Each time you breath out, see them rush away into the distance and the sky turn black.
  • Repeat this several times.
  • Drift off to a good night’s sleep…

Beyond Your Breath

Your skin is an indicator of your overall body and energy system health. Doing simple exercises and creating more awareness of your system will go a long way towards overall health and happiness.

Beyond these breathing exercises, there are many modalities I offer through the Modern Mystery School to fine-tune your energy system and give you even more access to lasting positive energy boosts that help you stay on your A-game so you can put your best and freshest face forward to the world.

Glowing skin is just the beginning!

Getting underneath the skin, going down into the heart of the matter, the source of stress within yourself, and transforming from the inside-out is gives you lasting results. This allows you to glow with an inner light that is so remarkable people stop in their tracks.

The Life Activation session is a great place to start to balance your energy system and allow you to tap into your potential at a deeper level. This session has proven highly effective for thousands of years to begin the process of transforming negativity into positivity and disease into health.

You may also consider attending my next Stress Rescue Class to receive 9 modalities which have proven highly effective in overcoming stress in daily life.

I invite you to post a comment below, or reach out directly with your questions. I’d love to hear from you!

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