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Most people would agree that our world today is in kind of a rough spot.

Many would say that they worry about the future and what is going to happen for their kids, grand kids and great grand kids. Whether the fear is about the economy, the volatile political arena, global warming, natural disasters – there is a lot of uncertainty about the fate of our global society. With that fear, there is a mixture of passion for making a difference – to help things get better – alongside confusion about how to do that, apathy about what kind of change we can actually make, and despair that maybe it’s not even possible.

So how do we change the current state of the world? How do we overcome all of the obstacles that are in the way of moving toward true peace on earth? What can we actually do?

With all of the fear and uncertainty about the future of our planet, there is a mixture of passion, confusion, apathy and despair about what we can and should be doing about it.

First of all, we must not lose hope! According to the teachings from the Ancient Mystery School Tradition, there is much we can do as individuals, and in fact, the power to truly change the world lies with us–the people. Individual people making individual choices in our individual lives–not the institutions, not the governments, not the religious organizations. It’s us. The people. Changing ourselves from the inside out. Putting our self-development, our self-mastery at the very top of the priority list–taking such exquisite care of ourselves as individuals. This is what will truly change the world. Indeed, this is a pretty radical notion. And has come to be known as RADICAL SELF CARE.

What is Radical Self Care?

Radical Self Care is a number of things. But first and foremost it is a WAY OF THINKING. It is a WAY to move through the world where you are treating yourself with the highest level of care and respect. And just right there–with that–we come to why this is truly radical. For the most part, we are trained (from birth and by society) to do the opposite of this. We are trained to put MANY others things, people, tasks & priorities before ourselves. We are trained to disregard our own needs and our own boundaries. We are trained to “put up with it” or “make do” with the less-than-ideal circumstances and options presented to us. We have had the modeling for (and therefore the expectation of) “suffer through it” from parents, teachers, bosses, and people in positions of authority. Nowhere have we been consistently taught to take exquisitely good care of ourselves.

And so, when we engage Radical Self Care, we counteract this ingrained programming and literally begin to change the world. This is how it works.

Here are 3 Ways that RADICAL Self Care will change the world:

#1  Reclaiming our power

When we start engaging Radical Self Care, we take the power over our own well-being back into our own hands. By doing this, the manipulation by fear is no longer such a powerful force in our lives. When we learn to be personally responsible for our own physical, mental & emotional well-being, we have the capacity to stand strong–to make decisions based on what we truly desire–not on what we think will keep us safe. This doesn’t mean going renegade or refusing things like medical care–it means that we claim authority over the decisions that we make regarding what is truly GOOD for us.

So really, it all boils down choice. Making choices based on what is really – REALLY and TRULY – good for you. How often do you make a choice based on what you perceive the limitations are? Not enough time. Not enough money. “Not allowed” by the constraints of whatever external factor or force is setting those limitations.

Let’s use health care as an example:

Radical Self Care - Vila LoukasThe “powers that be” have us all wrapped up in what is “allowed” by the health insurance companies & policies and the constraints that they inflict upon us. Well, what if, in reclaiming your own power, you decide to not be limited by those constraints? What if you look for and find a different way to take control of your own health care? For most people, this sounds really scary. AND I will say (having done this) it is incredibly empowering. This doesn’t mean rejecting a medical model or going without health insurance. It means going BEYOND what are the perceived limitations. Doing things like getting a second (and maybe a third) opinion, pursuing alternative approaches, getting online to research and understand the nature of whatever you are dealing with. AND THEN, making choices about what to do in your specific case based on YOUR OWN authority regarding what is best for you.

Reclaiming your power is making choices based on your own authority regarding what is best for you. As you do this, you begin a life long practice of self-mastery referred to as  << KNOW THYSELF. >>

To claim your own authority, you must actively seek to Know Thyself–to know what’s best for you on a regular basis and act upon it. Knowing yourself is staying connected to your center, to your inner truth and moving from that place. Not allowing the external world to dictate to you.

So, how do we do this? What has to happen for us to claim this power for ourselves?

It is certainly a process. Counteracting the programming that is so deeply ingrained, must become a way of life and will require things like:

  • Getting educated
  • Learning new skills
  • Claiming sovereignty over ourselves
  • Being the gauge of what is actually good & right
  • Understanding that there are options
  • Expanding our awareness of the possibilities that exist
  • Discovering new ways to do things
  • Trusting our intuition & inner guidance about what is right

Now imagine this! A whole society of people who are making choices from a place of their OWN AUTHORITY because they KNOW THEMSELVES better than any doctor, better than any teacher, better than any politician and they have taken personal responsibility to find the options that will truly work for them. Does this sound like a different world? Yes! The power of choice rests in our hands and when we choose Radical Self Care, we change the world.

#2  Raising our vibration

Taking really good care of ourselves literally changes our personal energy. Remember the last time you did something super awesome for yourself…How did you feel? (This means something awesome that was not followed by self-guilt or a backlash of self-judgment) Most likely, you felt super awesome! Another way of saying this is you raised your own personal vibration. You felt happy. You felt cared-for. You felt optimistic & hopeful. You felt STRONG. You had a positive outlook. This is raising your vibratory frequency.

Human beings are energetic tuning forks. We are constantly tuning to the energies around us.

When we consistently take exquisite care of ourselves, we make that higher vibration our norm. As such, we are less likely to settle for what doesn’t actually serve us. We raise our standards. We insist on that which is actually beneficial instead of “making do” with what some external source hands to us. Whether it is in the work force in the form of a job or in the world of education, when we stand up for that which is actually a “good fit” so much more becomes possible! I call this opening ourselves to the realm of magickal opportunity.

Radical Self Care - Vila LoukasNow imagine this! A world where people are going throughout every moment of the day from one magickal opportunity to the next. Raising our personal vibration & tuning ourselves differently will literally change the world.

Imagine a world where people are going throughout every moment of the day from one magickal opportunity to the next.

#3 Leading by example

Human beings learn from one another. When you practice Radical Self Care, you do 2 things: You give others permission to do the same. And you SHOW them how it is done. When you don’t settle for a “less than ideal” job offer–instead you hold out for what really is a good fit for you. When you explore alternative approaches to dealing with hormonal imbalances–instead of popping whatever latest chemical fad has swept the pharmaceutical industry. When you upgrade the quality of your food or water or air in your home–instead of going with whatever is cheap or easy. When you prioritize YOURSELF over other duties, responsibilities & tasks. When you do these things, you are teaching your friends, your family and your community not only that this kind of radical self care is possible, but also that it is ESSENTIAL for leading a fulfilled life in today’s world.

Practicing Radical Self Care moves you beyond the status quo. And it gives you the opportunity to bring others with you. Now imagine this!  A world with a whole new status quo! One where treating ourselves with utmost respect and taking exquisite care of ourselves is the norm!! Imagine the peace, joy, fulfillment & FUN we can all have as a result!

Radical Self Care - Vila Loukas

A Whole New World Awaits

Chances are, not too much of what I said here is really new to you. You’ve likely heard most of it before. What makes this conversation different, and potentially radical, is what YOU choose to do with it. Will you let fear continue to control you, opting for safety over expansion? Will your “really good reasons” claim victory over your heart? Only you have the answer to these questions.

The time has come, the time is NOW! The time to adopt a new way of living day to day life. A way that puts YOU at the center. A way that makes you both your own greatest resource AND your own best ally.

I invite you to join me and other like-minded individuals committed to a higher quality of life for ourselves and one another. Join our Radical Self Care community.

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Let’s make our experience in this life everything it can be. Let’s change the world!

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