There’s no doubt about it, growing up these days is rough. And young people today are pulled in so many different directions. Our girls receive so many contradictory messages about what it means to be female, what it means to be a “grown up,” how they should express themselves and what it means to wield power.

As our girls grow, mixed messages about beauty, self-worth and “fitting in” all get stirred into a boiling pot of hormonal changes. The result is a HUGE challenge for our young girls to establish a clear and solid sense of self-esteem before the pressures of young adulthood begin.

The results of this can be seen in the increasingly high levels of anxiety that families report for the pre-teen and teenage girls. The need for medications to help regulate mood and a sense of mental well-being is also on the rise. And the use of recreational substances amongst younger and younger ages can be seen more and more to sometimes devastatingly tragic ends.

As parents, it’s so hard to sit back and watch all of this. The things our girls are dealing with seem to be all that we went through and a WHOLE LOT MORE. The added pressures and challenges of the digital age are adding stresses to the growing up process that we can’t quite fully comprehend.

What can we do to ease the pressure and help our girls during the transition into adolescence and into adulthood? What can we do to help them cultivate strong and resilient self-esteem?

We can give them a Goddess Connection!

First of all, what is a goddess connection?

A goddess connection is an awareness and an understanding that goddess energy exists, and that there is much to be learned and gained by exploring it. For the majority of the population, including women and girls in today’s world, their exposure to the Divine Feminine is minimal. This creates a skewed sense of value for those in a female body.

There is a giant missing piece in the bigger picture of how things are. When God is viewed as solely male, there is no possible understanding of how our feminine energy fits in to the picture.

This leads to confusion, lack of self worth, disconnect from divine purpose and much more. These negative repercussions have become ingrained in our collective consciousness in the form of unhealthy beliefs, patterns and programming.

Day after day, I see women in my practice as a spiritual empowerment guide who don’t know how to value themselves. Women put the opinions of the men in their lives above their own self-regard and self-direction. Instead of holding the connection to their own inner guidance as sacred, women question the validity, value, and worthiness of their own desires and activities. Deeply imbedded in the psyche of the modern woman is the belief that the opinion of men is somehow more “divinely aligned” because it is only the Divine Masculine that is represented by the concept of “God.” That is only half the picture. The other half is the Divine Feminine–the Goddess. We must get to know the Goddess and teach our daughters about the Goddess to rebalance the spiritual energy of the planet.

By giving your daughter (and yourself) a goddess connection, she then has the opportunity to cultivate a much deeper and healthier sense of who she really is and how she is valuable.

5 Reasons to Give Your Daughter a Goddess Connection

  • Each one of these represents an understanding she can gain from working with goddess energy that specifically addresses a common issue or challenge in our current culture.
  • Each of these understandings counteracts certain beliefs, programming and patterns that deteriorate our daughters’ self-esteem.

#1 – The Goddess naturally lives within her.

At our core, we are all spiritual beings. And that spiritual aspect of us is directly connected to divine source—both masculine AND feminine. The Divine Feminine is present in all of us—and especially so for those in a female body.

The understanding that the Goddess lives within her counteracts the belief the feminine (and therefore girls and women) are somehow “less than” our male counterparts.

The masculine and feminine are equally valuable when it comes to what we need for a balanced and healthy physical existence. For many girls, the focus on the masculine as the source of power or as the main expression of power creates an internal conflict around self-worth.

Understanding that, as girls, they have a direct connection to the divine feminine within themselves completely shifts how they can view themselves and their value in the world.

#2  – She wields inherent feminine power and creativity.

Feminine energy is powerful. It is not weak. It is not even necessarily soft. Feminine energy is what keeps the structures, the containers of creation, the receptacles intact. It is the womb—and it is inherently creative.

The understanding of what feminine power and creativity actually are counteracts the disconnect that exists for girls regarding what our innate power and creativity look and feel like.

Because our culture has emphasized the masculine style of creating, governing and wielding power, it is difficult for girls to know that the feminine style of creation really is.

By giving girls an understanding of this power and creativity, they can begin to consciously own it for themselves—using it and restoring that connection as a result.

#3 – She is capable of so many different forms and styles of self-expression.

As humans, we are multi-faceted beings. And the goddess is even more multi-faceted—with so many different forms and expressions! Because there has been a lack of divine feminine energy present in our world over the last several thousand years, we have lost touch with the diversity of her expression.

The understanding that one being can have MANY different ways to express who she counteracts the pattern and belief that there is “one way” for us to express ourselves.

There are, in fact, SO MANY ways for us to show the world who we really are. When girls feel limited about how and where it is safe to express, they shut down and cut off certain parts of themselves.

By exposing them to different forms of self-expression, they are given permission to explore different ways—that are more authentic for them—to express who they truly are.

#4 – Her experience of life will have cycles within cycles.

(specifically the maiden/mother/crone cycle and the cycle of death and rebirth)

Feminine energy is inherently cyclical. And those in a female body also inherently work with cycles. Beyond the most obvious one of our monthly menstrual cycles, we are also tied into many cyclical rhythms that exist in nature, and in the very fabric of our physical reality.

The understanding of cycles and specifically the death/rebirth cycle counteracts the misconception and disconnect that exists around the “dark phase” or the “death process” in the feminine cycles of creation.

For the most part, this part of the cycle of rebirth is either ignored or vilified in our collective consciousness. This is true in regard to our menstrual cycles with menstruation being “glossed over,” feared or suppressed.

It is also apparent in the life cycle for us as women—with the greatest “value” given either to the maiden or mother phase, and the crone (or post-menopause) phase being disregarded, discounted, feared and avoided.

By helping girls understand the value and purpose of all 3 phases of the cycle, we restore a huge piece of what has been lost in the way of access to feminine wisdom.

#5 – She is part of the greater sisterhood of goddesses

One of the negative results of our disconnect from our own inner goddess is how it affects our relationship with other girls/women. The self-judgment or shame we feel due to our own disconnect gets projected outward onto our sisters (other girls and women close to us) resulting in the “mean girl” “cat fight” or competition that shows up between females.

The understanding that ALL girls are a part of the sisterhood of goddesses counteracts the patterns of competition, in-fighting, back-stabbing and viewing other girls as the enemy.

When girls are taught to honor the divinity within themselves and see the goddess in each other, we create a beautiful tapestry that will truly help create peace on earth.

By connecting our girls to the greater sisterhood, they get the chance to practice, mirror and reflect the brilliance of who they really are with other girls instead of playing small or feeling boxed in.

Establishing healthy and vibrant Self-Esteem

The goddess connection is all about helping your daughter establish healthy and vibrant self-esteem.

That self-esteem brings about:

  • Greater self-worth
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Greater self-respect
  • Greater creativity
  • Greater self-development
  • Greater self-exploration
  • Greater self-realization

With this quality of self-esteem as the underlying foundation of her self-development, she will have the resilience and strength to handle whatever comes her way–giving her what she needs to become a capable and empowered young woman.

Not only is this what she needs, it is also what the world needs!

And the #1 way to help establish this connection for your daughter is to awaken that connection within yourself! As mothers, we can reflect the truth, beauty and power of the divine feminine directly to our girls.

By honoring the feminine cycles, the creativity, the power and strength of the structures we hold, you can establish your own goddess sisterhood to invite your daughter to join alongside you–giving her an example to follow and a safe place to express the fullness of who she is!

For deeper guidance into this process, and for stories, inspiration and motivation regarding the wisdom of the Divine Feminine and awakening your own Goddess Connection, check out our Sisterhood of the Goddess online community:

From there you can explore resources and continue to flow the beauty of the divine feminine essence through to your daughter and to the world!

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