Crocus in Snow

Create an Environment Where You Can Bloom & Flourish


There has to be more than this!


I’ve done everything right and still don’t feel fulfilled.


I know I’m here to do something special and I just want to get on with it!


Crocuses bloom through the snow where other flowers wouldn’t survive. Like the crocuses pictured, we are each uniquely suited to bloom and thrive.  There is an analogy here for each of us.  The key is that we need to consciously create our environment where we can flourish.

Each person on the planet has a Life Purpose.  It is exclusive to you, and it is up to you to manifest it.  Interestingly enough, only through the manifestation of your Life Purpose/Work will you experience true fulfillment and joy.  Everything else is unfulfilling, mundane, and short-lasting.

Living your life purpose does not mean that you will not have to work diligently – it means that in the process you will experience great momentum and motivation to do your work.

Many people find that one of the things that slow down their spiritual progression and effectiveness with their Life Work is inner child pain and issues that have not been addressed and healed.  A good indicator that some of this work remains unfinished for you is that you will find yourself hitting the same wall (or ceiling) and not making much progress past it.  It has been referred to as the comfort zone.  I call it the ‘lack of clarity’ zone.

When we are clear about what we want, what our desires are, what our patterns and behaviors are that stop us (including inner child wounding), we can fully engage in our Life Purpose work.  In other words, we can bloom and create an environment around us that ensures our ability to flourish.

Every class, activation, and session provided by the Modern Mystery School is focused on empowering you to fulfill your Life Purpose.  The Life Activation, Empower Thyself, and The Universal Kabbalah are particularly helpful in supporting you to flourish in your life.

Exercising Choice as You Create Your Desires

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One of the premier teachings of the Mystery School is that we have choice. Kabbalah expands on this saying that each person and event – everything in the world – is a touchstone to test your freedom of choice; so choose wisely!

There are so many places in our lives where we can apply this teaching about choice. When one believes that they have choice, they feel empowered. Although we don’t always love the options that we are being presented with to choose between; but that does not mean that there is not a choice to be made! And if we procrastinate long enough, we soon discover that ‘no choice’ is a choice!

As we move through 2018 it is important to keep your focus on what you want to create this year. You have heard the saying “what you focus on expands”. Because this is so true, it is vital that you become aware of what you are saying aloud, and even as important, what you are thinking in your brain. The challenge with our thinking is that the brain hears everything as ‘truth’, so it is up to you to be the ‘guardian at the threshold’ on what thoughts are being accumulated and repeated because they will manifest in some way in the physical realm of your life.

You are the guardian of your mind

As the guardian of what your brain is thinking, you become aware of what is (and has been) going on behind the scenes in your mind based on the results in your life. This awareness gives you both the ability to make new choices and the option for change. Until this moment of recognition, you do not have that option! One thing becomes very important here for this choice to be available to you: the negative ego must NOT be in control – no projection onto others for what is happening in your life, no suppression, guilt, shame, etc.

And this is why every valid spiritual path recommends a practice of ritual, meditation, and prayer to assist you in aligning your physical being with that of the creator. This alignment and regular practice help you raise your frequency to a level that you will not attain on your own. Using these tools regularly, one can align with the creator and your life work/life purpose, experiencing joy and fulfillment.

What are your desires for this year? If you are like many people, you have already consciously set many of them in motion and may be seeing the new plants emerge. A great analogy is that you are the gardener and that the seeds you have planted with your thoughts and desires are developing.

The comparison of a flourishing garden.

A wise gardener will take time to recognize these new seedlings for what they are – did they come from conscious positive manifestation, or are they from an unconscious or unmanaged brain? And as the new plants emerge, the gardener has time to continue to formulate the plan for each seedling thereby ensuring its eventual success. At the same time, some seedlings may need to be removed, as they are no longer in alignment – again, this is all a part of you being at conscious choice. It may be as simple as you no longer want to put your time or focus in this area.

In other words, your mind may have been fertile with many good ideas that were planted, but now is not the time to jump on each new manifestation or plant that has emerged. We don’t have to cultivate every result of the work that we have started. From the alignment gained in your meditation, ritual, and prayer, you can continue to define with the assurance that which is most in alignment. Nurture and care for this with love and dedication. You will have a bountiful harvest that is truly an expression of your Life Purpose.

Live Life Alive!

‘Live life alive’ is my personal by-line. I use it to ensure that I am fully engaging in what life is offering – in all of its forms and presentations.  And fully engaging means being awake, aware and making conscious choices.  It does not mean that I chose everything that life offers.  In fact, the clearer I am about my life purpose and life work, the more selective and discerning I am with the choices I commit to.  Frankly, we just don’t have the time to spend on things that pull us off track from what we are here to do!

This being said, a key piece of our work here is to find joy for ourselves and to bring joy to others.  The Modern Mystery School teaches that inherent in fulfilling our life work is joy – both for ourselves and others.

Living life alive involves full participation in all aspects of life.  It is nearly impossible to have sustainable success when we ignore a key piece or relinquish responsibility for something that ultimately has to do with our success and happiness.

There are other emotions that do come into play here with this approach to life – fear being one of them – fear that we don’t measure up, fear that we don’t know how to do it right, fear that we don’t have the right education or training, just plain FEAR.  And, it will stop you if you let it.  It certainly will suck the aliveness out of your experience of life.

An acronym for fear that I ascribe to is False Emotions Appearing Real.  In other words, many times, what we are afraid of is not a reality unless we dance with it long enough and prove it to be so!

The Modern Mystery School’s Path of Progression

For over 3,500 years the Modern Mystery School has successfully trained and prepared people to fulfill their life purpose and destiny on the planet.  I invite you to contact me for more information about these activations, initiations, and classes.  Lets talk and see if this is right for you and if now is a good time…

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