Through Food, Bodywork and the Ancient Spiritual Path of King Salomon

Blood Pressure and Stress

Blood pressure is one of those vital signs often associated with age, although high blood pressure can be an issue for younger people too. Symptoms can escape your radar. Most of us are unaware of our numbers until we read them with a device, a cuff.

Or if you don’t, you might experience what I did, a few years back, when twice I saw rippling rainbows around everything and burst a blood vessel in my left eye.

I was warned: “Take this med or risk a heart attack or stroke!”

I’m not big on meds. My naturopath generally has other more natural choices, but even she said, “TAKE THE MED NOW!” All right, already! I did!

A few days later, I stepped onto our boat. All my life, I have felt more at home on boats than on shore. That day, as I sensed the familiar floating sensation, all my built-up stress melted away through my feet into the sea. Two days later, and still on board, I could hardly sit up and realized my pressure was too low, so I stopped taking the med and have never taken one again.

This showed me that stress was at the root of my blood pressure issue.

Finding a Holistic Way to Heal

We are led to believe that High Blood Pressure needs controlling with drugs. I wanted to find a more holistic and natural way to bring my numbers down and at the same time to live in greater wholeness and peace, and that is what I did.

I wanted to find a more holistic and natural way to bring my numbers down and at the same time to live in greater wholeness and peace, and that is what I did.

If your blood pressure is too high or if you are just plain stressed out, you might want to consider the following approaches, starting with food and bodywork and culminating with an ancient spiritual path which does a lot more than lower blood pressure: It transforms lives!     

Food: Quiet That Inflammation 

The American Diet Inflaming our Bodies

The American diet invites us to eat to our emotions and to have a sweet tooth, and for years even though I had chronic indigestion and was overweight, I had trouble beating my resistance to changing my diet. However, over time, I did try the blood-type diet, a metabolic diet, food testing, colonics, medical diagnostics.

I learned a lot, but there was not much relief.

Then, a most remarkable woman, a biochemist, started teaching a class: “To Quiet Inflammation Through Food”(TQI). She taught that arterial plaque, one player in high blood pressure, is caused by inflammation, which is also complicit in arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, obesity… and the list goes on.

Thus, for about 10 years, I have been improving my health by quieting my inflammation through food. My joints work better, my fair skin doesn’t sunburn like it used to, I am down in my weight and my muscles are stronger and mind clearer. Best of all, that daily indigestion that I had had since childhood cleared up!

I have been improving my health by quieting my inflammation through food. My joints work better, my fair skin doesn’t sunburn like it used to, I am down in my weight and my muscles are stronger and mind clearer. Best of all, that daily indigestion that I had had since childhood cleared up!

My blood pressure, though not yet ideal, came down significantly.

All from food? A fair question. My naturopath could tell you that I am on bio-identical hormones, get Structural Integration and Cranial-Sacral sessions for my scoliosis and posture, and now and then, I use a hyperbaric chamber. I also take IVs on occasion and various supplements.

But food is foundational and has had the greatest measurable impact on my body, including on my nervous system, which is a huge player in stress and blood pressure.

Going Lo-Inflam 

Using Food to Heal

Committing to a diet which will quiet your inflammation takes a lot of discipline, patience, and dedication. Your kitchen, recipes, eating habits will have to change. We always hear “eat more vegetables”, but we are seldom told how much or why. Proportional eating which balances your food is at the core of the TQI plan. To strike a good balance, you should eat in this proportion: ⅓ protein/grain, ⅔ veggies, including herbs. You can eat some fruit if you want, but don’t overdo it!

To strike a good balance, you should eat in this proportion: ⅓ protein/grain, ⅔ veggies, including herbs.

Foods which are just plain bad for you include bad fats and anything deep-fried, GMOs, poor quality meat, refined sugar (including booze), artificial flavors and preservatives. Great-for-you foods include vegetables- the leafy greens are the best, nuts & seeds, whole grains, and fruits & berries. These foods lower your inflammation!

Great-for-you foods include vegetables- the leafy greens being the best, nuts & seeds, whole grains, and fruits & berries. These foods lower your inflammation!

These nutritious foods can be prepared to taste great and that is important!

For the first years of diet shift, I strayed into many junk food and emotional eating forays, and social over-eating in restaurants. But, I didn’t give up. When I needed to reboot, I retook the class, and over time I have gotten more and more clean in my eating and gradually more healthy. And better at making really yummy food!

This diet is the only weight-loss program that has ever worked for me and is often the reason people take the class.

Staying Committed

For treks away from home, plan ahead and pack your own food. It tastes and feels way better than anything from a restaurant. And you know what’s in it. Most restaurants don’t support this diet plan, but for that occasional restaurant meal, you can have a salad in addition to veggies with the main course and no dessert or just fruit and you are close to the target.

When you are feeling better after a few weeks, you might be tempted to cheat. Beware of straying into sugary desserts. They are very addictive and can sidetrack you off your plan! Try a good, juicy piece of fruit instead.

Choosing to Care for Your Body

The class I took covered things we should all know about food and the human body, what different foods do, their sources, what should be organic (+non-GMO), the truth about omega 3s and 6s and much more. If you aren’t ready to take a class, I highly recommend instead the two-book set, one on the plan, the other a cookbook.

Let’s face it, several times a day, through food, you get to choose how you will express your care or disdain for your body. What an amazing and sophisticated vehicle we have for our Spirit! It deserves your care and respect!

A Smokescreen: How the background inflammation obscures the reactions 

Understanding the Cause of Inflammation

If you are generally inflamed, as most of us are, this smokescreen of inflammation camouflages your body’s reactions to inflaming foods. Thus, your homework in the first three weeks of the class is to quiet the background inflammation, so you can experience your body’s reactions to specific foods as you add them back in. In this way, you get to customize your diet. I’ve had to get used to more obvious reactions to various foods without that smokescreen! These obvious reactions keep me honest!

Food sensitivities (as opposed to allergies, which are more severe) can be subtle, but over time, their cumulative effects can wear on and damage virtually every part of your body, from the buildup of plaque in your arteries and inflammation in your joints to subtle deteriorations in skin, ligaments, bones and soft tissue. On the front lines are your intestines and food can even affect your brain and teeth! My chronic tooth sensitivity cleared up. Who knew that teeth could be inflamed?

Inflammation is the hidden epidemic in our western population. The American diet is killing us! In learning about food and inflammation, I discovered we can make a different choice.

I suggest that if you want to be healthy, vital and young in your later years, consider checking this out, the sooner the better! Many young people just grab a burger and run. As we age, however, the toxicity, extra weight and lack of appropriate nourishment take its toll. A change of diet later can still help the older body heal, but why not start before you have a problem? I’m grateful that I started when I was 60!


Rofling and Cranial-Sacral

Since 1973, I’ve been getting all sorts of bodywork. For me, the most effective modalities have been Rolfing (Heller/Structural Integration and other offshoots), for its complete re-alignment of my posture and back, and Cranial-Sacral which has healed my neck. Early on, I was told that I could be headed for arthritis in my neck because of my not-so-great posture. Recently, to the surprise of my chiropractor, x-rays showed no arthritis and no deterioration. And this is after a couple of whip-lashes from car accidents! Cranial-sacral really helped those!

Body-Soul Connection

There is an amazing additional benefit from Rolfing, in how it sometimes brings up and can help you work through deep emotional trauma. My first experience with this was at 25 when my Rolfer worked his hands up under my ribs and I started to laugh uncontrollably. He seemed to “turn into” my brother and I experienced a full technicolor reliving of him OVER-tickling me. The Rolfer didn’t relent until my laughter was totally spent.

Before, my sides had been so hypersensitive that I would recoil rather than let anyone touch me. After that session, the hypersensitivity was gone. This experience alerted me to the body-mind connection, and the understanding that, “the body is the report card for the soul.”

Rolfing, sometimes painful and intense, and Cranial-Sacral, more subtle and gentle, continue to be important in my healing. Great bodywork keeps you free of cellulite, flexible, aligned and balanced. In some ways, I am gaining a better body than I’ve ever had! Getting more senior doesn’t mean we can’t still improve and evolve!

Great bodywork keeps you free of cellulite, flexible, aligned and balanced.

Exercise More Important Than Ever

I know my body isn’t 20, but as I have taken pretty good care of it and had great practitioners supporting me, it does very well. Exercise (yoga, qigong, chi do, walking) and diet are more important than ever and I love to use my stamina and vitality to express that physical woman self! At this age, I really don’t care who’s watching!

Last summer, I completed my third martial arts training camp, hanging in there with the 20-60 somethings, with a third level belt proudly tied around my slim waist!

The Mentality of Aging: Do we HAVE to get old? 

Reframing Our Views

What is “old”? Here are a few definitions: dilapidated, decrepit, broken down, worn out, shabby, threadbare, boring or tired, conventional, unimaginative. What if, instead, we decided on: Up in years, venerable, experienced, adult, Wise Elder, imaginative, spontaneous, strong, with integrity, personal authority, and bright! Maybe even ageless!

I suggest we question what we think we know about age and aging! We who are fortunate enough to see our 60s and beyond might take the opportunity to transform our relationship with the aging process, from a demeaning and degrading process to one of maturing like great wine! It is not too late to let go of whatever remains to keep us from the truth of who we really are and our joy in this knowing. We can find our freedom, our beauty, our life on our own terms and at our own pace.

We who are fortunate enough to see our 60s and beyond might take the opportunity to transform our relationship with the aging process, from a demeaning and degrading process to one of maturing like great wine

And, we elders as we re-discover ourselves can provide a much-needed foundation of strength for the younger generations as this world goes through its deep evolutionary shift.

From King Salomon, the Wise: We are at Cause

David gives Solomon plans for the Temple I Chronicles 28:11

How We Create Our Reality

In 2013, at 64 years old, I started on the ancient spiritual path of King Salomon, the Wise, brought to the public by the Modern Mystery School, which provides spiritual practices and reality-shifting concepts, like “We are eternal spiritual beings having a human experience.” When this starts to sink in, 70 years is hardly a hiccup in eternity!

The school teaches that as we are at cause in our lives, we create our reality. Thus, we have a choice to ask: “How much of my aging is caused by my ‘story’ about it?” And, “How am I telling my body to get ‘old’, or thinking like an ‘old’ person?” Even, “How am I moving through the world like I’m old?”

Recently, I remembered that the week I turned 50 (1998), I got forgetful. I thought, “OMG, I’m getting old! There goes my brain!” My knees were sore and stiff, “OMG, I’m getting old!… my joints!” And, that extra 30 lbs? “My mom and grandma ballooned at my age.” And, “Oh no! High Blood Pressure! Just like my dad!”

20 years later, all of these complaints have resolved. My mind is clearer and more focused, my knees don’t ache and bend just fine. I’m down from 150 lbs to a comfortable 122! Blood pressure is generally normal, though I still watch my stress level.

Rethinking the Cause of Health Complaints

We can withdraw the age card. Whenever you find yourself jumping to assign age to a symptom, why not pause and ask: “Really?” The answer could be “maybe not” or even: “No!” Does a person with symptoms in their 20s think they are getting old? Not likely! So why should we in our maturity think this?

In our western culture, there is an endemic and insidious negative consciousness regarding age. It takes vigilance to avoid being affected by this. I have been watching my own reactions to my contemporaries as they have broken bones, or had serious diseases. One friend in his sixties suggested this: “I might not get over this disease because of my age.”

At any age, a symptom is the body trying to get your attention. Think about how much damage we are doing to ourselves when we associate our ill health with the “inevitability” of age. It basically invites you to be a victim and give up, rather than listening and responding to your body and having faith in its ability to heal.

Aging and Purpose

Here for a Reason

My naturopath is a certified expert on anti-aging medicine. When I asked her if there are any aging processes in the human body that can’t be slowed down or even reversed, she said, “Not really”. She also said that when our cup is full and we have achieved our purpose in this world, it’s time to move on to the next world. Some people leave this dimension when they aren’t even sick. If you are on a mission based on a high calling in yourself, you will have time to further that mission to where it needs to go. When it is time, you graduate.

Getting more youthful isn’t about living forever, or escaping death. It is about living the best you can and being on the purpose you are meant to pursue at top vitality. As one of the top teachers in the Modern Mystery School says, “to do good and make beauty!”

Getting more youthful isn’t about living forever, or escaping death. It is about living the best you can and being on the purpose you are meant to pursue at top vitality.

If you imagine yourself on your deathbed and ask, “Did I accomplish what I came here for?”, you might be inspired to shift your priorities. Habitual processes, “ways I’ve always done things”, ideas about your limitations, and all the things you think you know can be sifted through for their validity and how they might need replacing and/or releasing.

Unlike old dogs, older people CAN learn new tricks!

It’s Never Too Late to Find Fulfillment

This spiritual path has taught me to embrace that shift, to be patient and present. Truly being on your purpose is challenging, transformative and alive. But before you start walking the path, it can look out of focus or perhaps out of reach! However, consider this: We are completely qualified to follow the journey we came here for, no matter what is in the way – even age. Getting older and seeing that our time no longer appears endless can be a huge motivator! We can be terrified, but step up and do it anyway. The maturity of later life can give us a wiser perspective.

Recently, I had dinner with two friends who had both had near-death experiences, one from a heart attack, the other, cancer. Each day inspires both of them to wake up with a smile. Each day is precious. That is also what the school teaches, that this one physical life is extremely precious.

Old Junk: The real AGE-er 

The Hidden Cause of Aging

For years, I have been looking deep inside myself for what has been aging me. Mainly, it has been unresolved emotional junk from my past. My big changes began with the growing acceptance of myself as Spirit (God) which made the releasing of the emotional junk more achievable. All this stuff had been cloaked in a negative life story I thought unchangeable because it looked so real.

According to the teachings from Modern Mystery School, this emotional junk was the contents of my Negative Ego and was THE BIG PLAYER in stress and blood pressure, because, like many of us, when my buttons got pushed, I felt nervous, alone and fragile. I realized that I was living through the lens of my hurt little child self. Now that I could see this, I also saw how so many of the people around me had similar issues! Unhealthy patterns of self-sabotage and self-limitation are so common to the human condition.

This was quite incongruous in my life as a trailblazing industrial designer and recording artist, activist, healer, captain, wife, and mother! Yet, over and over, I would hit a wall and a great dream would be stymied.

I had no idea how to grow this little self up. Years of therapy, though helpful to a point, really hadn’t worked.

Clearing the Negative Ego 

Releasing and Deep Stress Reduction

The Modern Mystery School provided what I needed.

As I got more in touch with my subtle energies and my subconscious, blood pressure stopped being a huge concern, because this path is the ultimate stress reduction process. I let go of stress I didn’t even recognize I was carrying.

The release of this junk sometimes felt like self-annihilation because I had thought I was it! Reconnecting with my joyful spiritual nature took the heat off and made the release much more possible. Then, the layers of those ingrained patterns I had identified with started looking suspiciously brittle and stale and melted away a bit at a time.

Becoming Younger

When our old patterns are gone, we can see how illusionary they were and wonder why we held onto them for so long, especially when they kept us small and miserable! With those patterns also went a lot of the emotional as well as the physical weight that was making me age, along with the stress that amped up my blood pressure. The process continues as the deeper layers present themselves, but having taken those first risks, I now know I can continue trading in the junk for JOY!

One of my teachers, who was about to turn 40 as I was about to turn 70, commented to me that since we met some five years before, I had gotten younger and younger. YES!

Going Deeper

Healing Our Relationship with Ourselves

This path comes down to our relationship with ourselves. One night, I found myself in a nightmare. I was being beaten on the back by someone who was fixing to destroy me for something I had done. Who or what was not clear. I had been beaten as a child and it felt something like that.

But, in the dream, I was alone. It took a while, but as I recovered, I realized I was doing this to myself! I was tearing my own cells apart, destroying my sense of worth. Whereas I couldn’t change what had happened as a child, I realized, “WOAH, WAIT! I CAN CHANGE THIS!”

Over the course of the following day, the negativity drained away. A brighter energy was replacing it! I was becoming able to make a different choice on how to treat myself.

Addressing the Real Roots of High Blood Pressure and Stress

My point is that the Path works us in our depths. It gets to the roots or as deep as you are ready and willing to go. This is where the real roots of blood pressure spring from, the pulse and pace of your life. I started to realize that my “workaholic” self went back to these roots, where I discovered a sort of panic to succeed, based on how I was measuring my worth by my output! Wasn’t I of value as a Divine being even without output? I could take more time to meditate, thus to get quiet and relaxed, more clear in my mission, more in joy! Meditating helps for the time you are meditating, but it also quiets the rest of your life. I started seeing blood pressure numbers lower than when I was 20.

This is where the real roots of blood pressure spring from, the pulse and pace of your life.

The School is there to remind us who we are and to support our success in a sustainable way and on our own terms and timing. This is self-help with the best possible tools and support, from a community of people who, in their own unique ways, are all heading in the same direction: Enlightenment!

A Little About the Path 

Connecting to Your Life Purpose

To get started on this spiritual path, there is Life Activation, which is a private session involving auric balancing and an infusion of Light. This starts you on the path to rediscovering your true life’s purpose. Over the months, life starts to flow more smoothly, doors open to new opportunities and things which no longer serve you fall away.

Empowerment and Foundational Teachings

The second step is a two-day class called Empower Thyself, which presents important spiritual ideas and realities and concludes with the Adept Initiation into this sacred lineage, which gives you a deeper infusion of Light and expands your ability to hold the Light. You will also learn rituals and meditation techniques to use in daily practice at home. There are rituals for centering, clarifying your priorities and focus, and awakening your spiritual self. Others are for protecting your environment and yourself. And, there is Chi Do. This simple Tai Chi-like exercise relaxes you at the same time as it builds your “chi”. Chi rejuvenates the body and clears the mind which makes the other practices more successful.

These processes all work together. I find them remarkable for how they have helped me gain back control of my energy and my life. And my youth!

After 40 years of prior spiritual seeking, I have finally found a process of empowerment which has actually brought me out of my suffering and into my joy!

Clarifying the Self and Healing

Remember my discussion above of that emotional junk? Next in the line of progression is a ten-month ascension program, Universal Kabbalah, which is a core metaphysical teaching in the school. Over the months, you are encouraged to learn about yourself from many different angles and to heal your Junk. Anything which is unresolved from your past and which clouds your reality is invited up, without judgment, to be seen and released. And as this “old junk” is healed, you progressively reclaim your true and divine self. Daily practices are key and supported through monthly study groups and four-weekend workshops. This individual process in a supportive group setting is beyond transformative!

Kabbalah provides a foundational understanding of life and how to be more present.

I was amazed at how much I learned and unlearned about myself in that ten months! And like many others, I have done the program more than once. Each journey builds on the one before and is unique unto itself.

Deep Support

To support you on all levels of the path are many healing sessions, custom-tailored to you. One of my favorites is Ensofic Ray Healing, the original and whole healing modality of Dr. Usui, who brought us Reiki. Ensofic Ray holds the energy pattern of the true and original blueprint of humanity as divine. Illusions we harbor which create disease can be transformed through this modality!

Ensofic Ray is not meant to replace the process of empowerment which is the school’s primary mission, but when there is a big stuck place, it can be most effective!

What I Learned

Healing Holistically

I could have taken meds to bring down my blood pressure. But instead, I stepped onto a boat and my blood pressure came down without drugs which showed me that was possible. Better food brought down my inflammation and continues to heal me. Bodywork continues to release and balance my physical structure and clears away old traumas.

Life Continuing to Change for the Better

And then, along came this 3000-year-old spiritual path I didn’t even know if I could trust, for what are the chances that this really is an ancient and true path to enlightenment? The only way to know was to try it! And THAT has really paid off! Six years later, I am still walking the Path, one day at a time. For me, my life continues to change in surprising and miraculous ways. I am getting younger and more mature at the same time. I have learned to keep my blood pressure in check because I am no longer feeling pushed around by my hypersensitivity to others.

One of Many

As initiates, we are told that many notable and important people throughout history have belonged to this Ancient Lineage, including Winston Churchill, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Carl Jung, Joan of Arc, Leonardo da Vinci and many others.

About 2000 years ago, another great initiate, Jesus of Nazareth, told us we could all do what he did and “greater things”. If you are inspired, let’s discuss how you might benefit from this lineage!

Personal Growth & Healing through Awakening, Evolving, and Expanding

The Journey and The Path - Beth Siragusa

The Seeker Awakens

“You have been chosen, and you must use such strength and heart and wits as you have.” – J.R.R. Tolkein

In my personal experience, I have found that there is the journey and then there is the path. I started writing this article which I quickly found impossible to produce without sharing the struggles and triumphs of my personal story. So, I ask you to journey with me through the lens of my experiences of life and self-discovery. No journey is complete without intrigue, challenges and hidden treasure along the way, so let’s go!

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” – Lao Tzu

The day my life changed forever, I was living in Beaumont, Texas, which was a mere 10 miles from the small town where I grew up. (I’ve shed my Southern accent and so much more since those days, but I digress…) It was spring of 2007 and a friend called me and asked if I had seen the movie “The Secret”.  I hadn’t even heard of it. She had watched it a few days earlier and “something keeps telling me to watch it again with you. I know that probably sounds weird but it’s a really good movie”. “Sure, why not.” As I watched, I felt time warp and shift and the foundation of my life to that point crumble beneath my feet. Oh wow, wow. I know Oprah talks about “Aha moments” but this was intense. Little did I know the Law of Attraction was about to put my life in the spin cycle. Since that moment I’ve looked at this point in my life as my spiritual awakening. It opened in me an insatiable curiosity about the nature of reality and who and what I really am.

“When we love, we see the infinite in the finite. We find the Creator in the creation.” – Eliphas Levi

A New Direction

Over the next few years, I would dig in and teach myself to meditate and to read tarot. I would sit for hours pondering over

The Journey and The Path - Beth Siragusa

Eastern philosophy and Buddhism, the Sikhs and galactic beings, wondering if we are really alone in the galaxy? I sought out metaphysical teachings, readings, and explored raising my kundalini energy. Searched the far corners of the internet and found some awesome as well as highly suspect materials, but I devoured them all. The impulse to search and to know was huge. I chanted mantras, tried to unlock my psychic gifts, learned about Reiki, astrology, totem animals, auras and crystals. I explored my past lives, did telepathic experiments with friends, found the Goddess, spent hours on vision boards, started yoga, delved into Mayan prophecy and generally tried every kind of New Age thing I could get my hands on. I wanted to get to the bottom of the burning questions… How can I have everything I desire and still grow? Is suffering necessary? Are past lives real? Should I eat meat? What is karma? Who am I? What is my purpose? Why the heck do I exist? What is this really all about anyway?

Part of my journey to finding my true path involved a trip to Seattle, WA to see Abraham Hicks live. The Abraham material came into my life at a very crucial part of my awakening and helped to open me up to the next stage of my spiritual evolution.  I was ecstatic to be in the presence of someone who was in the very movie that started my spiritual awakening explosion. And I was intrigued to see this ‘channeling’ thing in action. What I found was mostly great and I felt like I was in the presence of wisdom. One of the best things about this experience was that I felt comfort beyond measure knowing I was among other seekers like myself, who really wanted to know and were open to exploring creative answers to create the best life for ourselves and others, and I could meet hundreds of them at once and talk about all kinds of things! Yet, after all the excitement of the experience wore off, I knew in the core of my being that this was really good stuff, but that there was much much more.

I recalled noticing when Abraham paused for just a second too long, and I simply knew like I knew, like I knew that they couldn’t say certain things. That not everyone in the room was ready for more, or for what that more meant. I wanted to know those things in the pauses. The questions I had about the space in-between were driving me from within and I wanted to know the still deeper answers to the questions of life. It felt almost like a biological imperative from within the core of my body and being.

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of it’s dream.” – Paulo Coelho

Leaping Forward with Eyes Open

Fast forward a few more years to 2010 and I quit my cushy well-paid office job in Houston, sold my car, sold most of my things and threw the rest into a U-haul (half of which were my books!) and made the cross-country journey to Seattle, WA to start the next phase of my life. What prompted this radical shift? I had received guidance in a deep meditation to make this move, and it was obvious that to me there was something BIG on the horizon, but I had no idea what. The feeling behind this vision was unquestionable. I had to go. I just had to trust and take the leap. So I jumped…

“We will not find the inner strength to evolve to a higher level if we do not inwardly develop this profound feeling that there is something higher than ourselves.” – Rudolf Steiner

My first year in Seattle was the hardest year of my life to that point. I didn’t know anyone and I made some friends, but it was slow going. I was working a minimum wage job and I had pretty much given up hope while questioning every decision I’d ever made, doubting my intuition, suspicious of everything I’d been learning about… and then something happened. I met someone who introduced me to the Modern Mystery School. I knew in that moment that I had found what my soul journey was leading me towards. I had found an ancient school of the arts and science of metaphysics that had answers and, more importantly, tools that worked to transform the negativity of my life into positivity, and to help me discover my unique life purpose and start living it! I had found my path and my life journey took on a whole new meaning beyond what I could have imagined. I went from seeker to finder, from lost to found, from limited to limitless. One big sign that you have found a true path is that there is no end to it, and that it uplifts and supports your unique life purpose. I found my life purpose and a path upon which to walk towards it swiftly and in a straight line instead of meandering through different systems of thought and confusion in the upheaval of paradoxes and divisions.

Finding Requires Evolution

“One of the best definitions which I have come across is that which defines evolution as the unfolding of a continually increasing power to respond.” – Alice A. Bailey

The Journey and The Path - Beth SiragusaA few years into my study I began to realize that as I evolved, new and higher energy tools became available to me. In order to ascend, we must let go of one rung of the ladder and reach up to the next rung. I learned I couldn’t be attached to any specific tool, way of thinking, healing modality, ritual, prayer or meditation in order to get to the next level. A crucial part of reaching to that next rung on the ladder of our personal evolution is to empty ourselves of what we think we know. To release our attachments so that we become an empty vessel, open to receive new knowledge and understanding. All of those experiences on our journey that lead us up to the point of stepping onto our true path are incredibly valuable, and we must also be unattached to them once we are on the next rung of the ladder, else we hold ourselves back. It’s so important to acknowledge these experiences and honor them by letting them go so that we can become something greater.

“The empty vessel makes the loudest sound.” – Shakespeare

Letting Go is an Act of Love and Faith

In my journey from seeking to finding, I found myself letting go of what most people would say was a pretty good life. I had a job that paid well, family nearby, good friends, a boyfriend that was really there for me. Yet, when it came down to it I had to sacrifice these things to find my own soul, to become who I really am. What I’ve come to understand is that these things in my life that I had to let go of were calling out to be transformed so that I could evolve. However you come by the sacrifices along your journey, just know that nothing truly great was ever attained without sacrificing what wasn’t really working to gain your highest and best good. A key is to simply be willing to make the sacrifice, to let go of your negative ego bullshit, to release those shadows that are stopping you, to say sayonara to the fears. The willingness to reach that next rung means you have faith in yourself that you can grab on and pull yourself up a little higher and see things from a new perspective a little clearer.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

From me to you, the seeker and finder on your unique journey, I truly respect you and I honor you. What you are yearning and asking for, where you choose to dive into the parts of yourself that are amazing that you’ve been hiding away and also the parts that need refinement – I know that takes so much courage, resiliency and heart! My covenant with you is that I will always be ready to listen. I will make available the tools for true transcendence and transformation. I will spend time with you so you know you aren’t alone. I know what it feels like to think that no one else can relate, and on the flip side I know the true joy of finding my pure path where I can be all of who I am, including a tribe to share my gifts with and learn together. What I ask of you is that no matter what your experiences in life to this point, that you consider approaching life with your cup emptied, your heart open as much as possible, ready to receive and use what you are given so you may taste the sweet fruits of a more awakened life for yourself.

Say not, ‘I have found the truth,’ but rather, ‘I have found a truth.’ – Kahlil Gibran

Learning through Expansion

“In these days of the shattering of the old form and the building of the new, adaptability is needed. We must avert the danger of crystallisation through pliability and expansion. The “old order changeth,” but primarily it is a change of dimension and of aspect, and not of material or of foundation.” ― Alice A. Bailey

The Journey and The Path - Beth SiragusaI found answers to the questions I was seeking, and then I found the deeper aspects of those questions! I kept asking and the Universe responded. The shattering of the old forms in my life was part of the process that had to occur for my life to expand. There is layer upon layer to this reality, rung upon rung on the ladder of self-discovery and knowledge of life and the Universe. And part of the journey is that you have learned to expand and “rise above it”. You are going to put people on pedestals and as you grow, at some point, those pedestals will come crashing down and you know what? You will still have to find a way to rise above it all and continue your journey to find and walk your path. This is true alchemy, true transformation. It changes us into strong, capable, incredible beings.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one.” – John Lennon

Initiated into the Ancient Mysteries

How do we rise above when thoughts and emotions that arise on our journey threaten to knock us off our path? By learning and working with a foundation of essentials!

Finding the Mystery School was a huge leg-up in my life. No longer did I have to put all the pieces together by myself. No longer was I alone in my journey. Laid out before me was a path of progression through the wisdom teachings of the entire world! Proven methods and tried and true ways of creating a beautiful life used by some of the most influential figures in history from Socrates to Leonardo DaVinci to Nikola Tesla to Albert Einstein, all initiated into this Mystery School. In all my seeking I had never encountered such an elegant system and I set forth to learn so that I could share with others. In the Empower Thyself class & Initiation, I hand down tools, techniques, specific meditations and teachings to set sacred space, dispel negative thoughts, and call upon supportive positive energies for your protection and benefit. These essential tools allow you to instantly shift your energy to a higher vibration and literally rise above and keep going, keep expanding! Being initiated into the Mystery School lineage of King Salomon is about being your own guru, your own King or Queen, through embracing the process of  “Know Thyself” and uncovering and engaging in your unique life purpose that only you can bring to the world.

“Initiation, or the process of undergoing an expansion of consciousness, is part of the normal process of evolutionary development, viewed on a large scale, and not from the standpoint of the individual.”  ― Alice A. Bailey

The Alchemy of Self-Mastery

Your path is something you will keep being called to again and again anytime your life journey takes you a little off course. Find yourself wandering around in the weeds? There will likely be a wake-up call before too long! One hallmark of a true path is the call to a service of others as well as yourself. After my initiation in the Empower Thyself class, I became eligible to attend Healer’s Academy to learn the technique of the Life Activation. This activation opens and awakens the spiritual DNA in someone, allowing for rapid expansion and growth. I also received the 2nd step initiation which is about moving into serving others and allowed me to begin to step outside of yourself and gain insights into a larger part of my life purpose.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

An authentic path has the potential to reconcile all systems and to resolve paradox, discord and confusion. Contained within the Mystery School path is the Universal Kabbalah, the system of creation which contains all systems of creation. There is nothing in your journey thus far that will not fit into the Universal Kabbalah. Thousands of people have studied this form of Kabbalah in which everything is found and everything may be resolved within it. Whatever background, race, nationality, heritage, genetics, socioeconomics, etc. you come from, whatever you have studied before, whatever your life purpose, whatever you are called to do, be and become – all can be found within Universal Kabbalah. It is the ultimate tool of the Mystery School path and an incredibly powerful system to use to consciously heal and recreate your life.

“Healing does not come through intense affirmation of divinity, or by simply pouring out love and the expression of a vague mysticism. It comes through mastering an exact science of contact, impression, of invocation plus an understanding of the subtle apparatus of the etheric vehicle.” – Alice A. Bailey

All of the great thinkers, philosophers, inventors, movers and shakers throughout history have said it in one way or another: Follow the journey of your heart, find your path, transform yourself, and you ultimately create your destination as well as your destiny. I say that you have the ability to do this and so much more.

This is Your Time to Shine

We are living in an unprecedented time on the planet where there has never been such a call to wake up, to seek, to find, and to live out the best versions of our ever-evolving selves. I look at my life today and am overwhelmed with gratitude for my journey and for the path that I am on. I am so thankful for all of the people who committed themselves to the process of becoming who they truly are, those Lights that shine on the horizon of human consciousness as beacons of what is possible in our human potential. And I count myself incredibly blessed to continue evolving as one of these Lights that I may shine hope to others.

With you in love, peace, freedom, and connection through the heart,

Beth <3